list of some important abbreviations related to judiciary exam

नमस्कार मित्रों,

आज के इस लेख में हम बात करेंगे न्यायपिलका परीक्षा से सम्बंधित कुछ मत्वपूर्ण लीगल अब्बरेविएशन / संक्षिप्त ( legal abbreviations) . . 

list of some important abbreviations related to judiciary exam

  1. A.B. = Appellate Board
  2. A.C. = Appeal Case
  3. A.C.C. =Appellate jurisdiction, Appellate Case
  4. A.C.J =Accident Compensation Case
  5. A.Cr =Appellate Jurisdictions, Criminal 
  6. A.G. =Advocate General /Attorney General/ Accountant General
  7. A.I.R. = All India Reporter
  8. A.I.W.C.= All India Women Conference
  9. A.L.J. = Allahabad Law Journal 
  10. Ac.L.R.= Academy Law Reporter
  11. B.C.C =British Chancery Cases
  12. B.H.C.= Bombay High Court
  13. C.A.= Court of Appeal
  14. B.T.R. =British Tax Review
  15. C.A.B.= Central Law Board
  16. C.A.D = Constitutional Assembly Debates
  17. C.B.R. = Central Board Revenue
  18. C.C. = Calendar Case
  19. C.I.D. = Central Investigation Department
  20. C.J.= Chief Justice
  21. C.L.= Compulsory Licensee 
  22. C.L.C.= Current Law Case
  23. C.M.A. = Civil Miscellaneous Case
  24. C.P.C.= Civil Procedure code
  25. C.P.J. = Consumer Protection Judgement 
  26. C.P.R.= Consumer Protection Report
  27. C.S.= Court of Session
  28. C.W.= Charge Witness
  29. COFEPOSA = Conservation of Foreign Exchange, Prevention of smuggling Activities 
  30. Cr.P.C.= Criminal Procedure Code
  31. D.C.= District Court
  32. D.C.L.= Doctor of Civil Law
  33. D.J.= District judge
  34. D.W.= Defence Witness
  35. D.M.= District Magistrate
  36. E.A.= Execution Application
  37. E.C..= Election Commission
  38. E.F.A.= Education For All
  39. E.F.A.- Execution First Appeal
  40. E.P.= Execution Petition
  41. E.R.N.E.T.= Education and Research Center 
  42. E.S.A= Execution Second Appeal
  43. E.S.I =Employees state insurance
  44. F.B.= Federal Court
  45. F.I.R. =First Information Report
  46. F.L.J. = Factory Law Journal
  47. G.A.T.S. =General Agreement Trade In Service.
  48. G.O.(P) =Government Order Printed 
  49. H.C.= High Court
  50. H.L.C. =humanitarian Law commission
  51. H.R. =House Rent
  52. I.A.= Indian Advocate
  53. I.A.S.= Indian Administrative Service 
  54. I.C.= Indian Case
  55. I.E.A. Indian Evidence Act
  56. I.C,.J.= International Court Of Justice
  57. I.L =International Law
  58. I.P.C.= Indian Penal Code
  59. I.L.O.= International Labour Organisation
  60. T.P.= Trasnfer Of property 

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