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What is a cognizable offence?
What is a cognizable offence?

What is a cognizable offence?

 Cognizable offence- Cognizable offence is defined under the Criminal Procedure Code 1973, cognizable offrnce or cognizable case means that case or offence in which police officer has the power to arrest the person without any warrant as the first schedule of the  Criminal Procedure Code 1973.
A police officer may arrest the person without the prior permission from the magistrate.
Cognizable offence or cognizable case are serious in nature.

There is some example of cognizable offence?
These Cognizable offence are usually offence which is serious in nature and provision of punishment are more than seven years or punishment based on the nature of offence.
  1. Murder.
  2. Rape.
  3. Dowry death.
  4. kidnapping.
  5. Theft.
  6. Criminal breach of trust.
Section 154 Criminal Procedure Code 1973  provides a provision that under a cognizable offence or cognizable case where a police officer has received the First Information Report(F.I.R) relating to the cognizable offence or criminal case.

Police had the power to investigate cognizable offence or cognizable case.

Police officer who is in charge of police station, that police officer had the power to investigate  cognizable offence or cognizable case without the order of magistrate
and cognizable offence or cognizable case which a court having jurisdiction over the local area within the limit of such police station would have the power to inquire under the provision of the Criminal Procedure Code 1973.

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